Working with doctors for population health

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As a healthcare company that’s committed to helping people achieve better health and lifelong well-being, Humana is continuously searching for new and innovative ways to collaborate with physicians.

Healthcare is increasingly focused on population health, and Humana has invested heavily in health education and community well-being. Our approach is possible only if we work with physicians and other clinicians to assist them in coordinating care and supply them with data and analytics in managing chronic disease and keeping people healthy. For instance, we created the Executive Physician Immersion Program, a two-year program sponsored by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, to develop a cohort of leaders to improve the ways we work with physicians.

Members of this program receive high-level company exposure throughout their first year, followed by deep operational responsibilities in various lines of business the second year. The goals are to bring in talented physicians; give them a solid foundation in our core business; and create opportunities for the next generation of physician leaders to grow and learn while contributing to teams throughout Humana in a meaningful way.


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We like to think of program participants as business leaders who also happen to be doctors. Having the physician perspective as part of our conversations helps shape the way we work with doctors to improve population health.

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“This program is a great example of Humana’s commitment to working with physicians and thinking about our business in a different way.”

Dr. Meredith Williams, Care Decision Insights Lead Medical Director, North Division


“There are few companies bringing together clinical, analytic and financial expertise to solve the issues inherent in this new world of healthcare. The executive physician immersion program facilitates this convergence in a thoughtful, measured way. I know I’m adding value when my colleagues tell me that physicians help us think about the business of healthcare differently.”

Dr. Toyosi Morgan, Medical Director

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