2014-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Members + Humana

At Humana, we offer members a broad product portfolio, including individual Medicare; Medicare Advantage; commercial and employer-sponsored insurance plans; medical care; home care and wellness coaching; pharmacy benefit management; prescription drug plan offerings; clinical care services; and insights and analytics that enable us to create personalized health experiences.

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We act as a partner in our members’ healthcare journeys, and it’s through this collaboration that we can help them achieve their best health and well-being.

Using technology to improve health

Humana helps our members make informed decisions about their health in ways that meet the modern demands of life on the go. In 2015, Humana launched Cue, a free app designed for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Cue is available to everyone, not only Humana members. It reminds users to take small, easy steps throughout the day to make — and maintain — lifelong health improvements. It focuses on six actions that take little effort but offer big health gains: drink water; focus on breathing; focus on posture; get up and move; go outside for some fresh air; and stretch.

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Within its first month of launching, users took more than 30,000 positive actions based on its reminders to take the first steps toward better health. Cue users were able to focus on their health with popular reminders like “get up and move around,” “drink water” and “focus on your posture.” Employer groups with highly engaged Cue users experienced a medical cost savings thanks to positive actions.

Humana also uses technology called APIs (application programming interfaces) to help consumers access their electronic health records from wherever they are.

In 2015, the Digital Accelerator Awards, sponsored by Apigee, recognized Humana for revolutionizing healthcare delivery with our use of APIs. The awards praised Humana for identifying what members need, keeping member data secure, and using big data to better understand lifestyle decisions and ultimately keep our members healthier. For example, we analyze member claims and overlay geographical and behavioral data to identify regional differences in healthcare quality and assess our members’ lifestyles to provide them with better care.

Humana At HomeSM

As America’s healthcare system evolves, one of the most dramatic trends is structured around keeping people at home. For senior citizens, this doesn’t only mean living in their own homes longer; it can mean living longer, too.

Humana At Home, a division of Humana, combines cutting-edge technologies with trained caregivers to offer everything from around-the-clock health monitoring to making sure the light bulbs get changed and refrigerators are set to the correct temperature.

Humana At Home designates personal care managers to stay in regular contact with members. That regular contact helps members stay healthy and avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor. People who receive Humana At Home services live longer and go to the hospital less. In fact, in 2015, members who received Humana At Home care management had 44 percent fewer hospitalizations and 26 percent improved odds of two-year survival than those who were eligible, but did not receive service.

When a healthcare plan is structured around helping people remain independent at home, rather than in the hospital, the economic impact to America’s overall healthcare system can be dramatic. Humana At Home is an example of how this system is working for the economy, but more important, it’s extending lives.

Senior Skip Day

Humana Senior Skip Day ImageHumana Senior Skip Day Image On October 8, 2015, Humana hosted our first Senior Skip Day. This celebration of seniors wasn’t for students; it encouraged people ages 62 and older to get moving and to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

The event coincided with the 100th anniversary celebration of America’s National Park System. On that day, seniors could access more than 400 National Park Service sites for free. Activities organized at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Biscayne National Park, for instance, hosted more than 3,500 participants. Seniors also had the unique opportunity to obtain a voucher for a free, lifetime pass to participating National Park Service sites.

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