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Integrated care delivery is the evolving model of the future, with people at its core. It involves a high-quality personal care experience, led by engaged healthcare professionals, supported by insightful clinical and consumer data – all brought together in a coordinated and integrated fashion. The results are lower costs, better health outcomes and higher satisfaction. While sounding simple, it requires a shift in operating structures as well as patient, payer and provider mindsets to achieve a true partnership. That partnership is essential to making integrated care as impactful as it can be, and Humana is uniquely qualified to lead that movement.

We’ve been working hard to meet and support physicians and their practices “where they are” on their journey from episodic care to population health, a holistic approach encompassing the totality of individual care and focused on health outcomes. Through Humana’s care delivery assets, joint ventures, and provider alliances, we are increasingly becoming part of the care delivery system dedicated to improved care. Working with our partner providers with the common goal of better care, we’re achieving notable results.

Providing Care
Humana has more than 900 value-based provider relationships, including joint ventures and alliances. As such, 50,700 (as of June 30, 2017) physicians provide care to more than 1.8 million Humana individual Medicare members and approximately 142,000 commercial members in 43 states and Puerto Rico. These provider practices run the gamut from adult and pediatric primary care to specialist care. Many centers have physicians and specialists under one roof, provide transportation to and from the centers, and fill prescriptions on the spot. Regardless of the partnership model, the overarching results show undeniable improvements: higher quality, lower costs, and performance at world-class standards of care.


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