2014-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Inclusion + diversity

An inclusive and diverse community

At Humana, we see diversity as the reality of the world in which we live, and inclusion is what we hope to achieve within it. We aim to apply an inclusion and diversity (I&D) lens to all of our work every day – with associates, members, suppliers, and the communities we serve. This means that we apply an I&D lens to everything from talent acquisition (for example, through specialty sourcing for military veterans and people living with disabilities), to talent development, senior leadership commitments, and our supplier diversity program. Our commitment to I&D is also a touchstone of our Bold Goal, because success means that we engage everyone in the Bold Goal Communities to understand and improve their health.

Our workforce is a major focus of our I&D efforts. In the past two years, we’ve put a major focus on building a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive. As part of our strategy, we empower associates to engage with one another on I&D issues that matter to them and in ways that matter to them.

Humana’s I&D team created starter kits to help associates organize their own diversity events. Approximately 30 percent of Humana locations have chosen to host Inclusion and Diversity Days or Months. Associate events are boosting associate awareness and efforts to help make Humana an even more welcoming place to work. The many NRGs at Humana, which are highlighted in this report, also play a key role in advancing inclusion and diversity for us.

Humana’s future I&D goals include increasing the effectiveness of communication on I&D topics and enhancing current efforts. Our I&D focus will include providing additional support to the LGBT community; people living with disabilities; and the communities included within Humana’s Bold Goal. For more information on Humana’s I&D efforts and commitments, please read Humana’s 2015-2016 Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report.

Building support systems

Humana’s Network Resource Groups bring associates with shared backgrounds and common interests together. These groups have high profiles internally and are supported or sponsored by executive leaders; that support has helped bring about an organic shift toward inclusion in our corporate culture.

Building support systemsBuilding support systemsHumana’s Network Resource Groups include:

  • Caregivers Network Resource Group
  • HAPI - Humana's Asian/Pacific Islander Network Resource Group
  • IMPACT - Humana's African-American Network Resource Group
  • Pride - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network Resource Group
  • Unidos - Hispanic Network Resource Group
  • Veterans Network Resource Group
  • Women's Network Resource Group

A spotlight on people living with disabilities

Over the course of 2015, we increased our focus on supporting people living with disabilities. In addition to promoting a diverse workforce, associates living with chronic conditions help us achieve our business goals by offering new insights into what we can offer our members who are living with chronic conditions. Humana is committed to employing the best and brightest workforce to serve our members. To that end, we realized that in order to recruit effectively, we needed to make internal improvements and timely adjustments to accommodate associates living with chronic conditions so they could thrive at work – starting from their first day at Humana. In the last year, Humana also promoted awareness of disabilities in the workplace through educational activities. We hosted panels featuring associates who are caring for disabled family members, associates who are wounded warriors, and business leaders all in an effort to better understand how we can better serve our members who are disabled.

The journey continues

While our efforts to infuse I&D into the Humana workplace are progressing, we recognize that there is more to be done to make sure women and minority groups are fully represented and fairly compensated throughout our business.