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Humana helps people live independently at home longer.

Humana At Home helps people live independently at home longer, even when faced with medical, functional and behavioral challenges. Humana At Home provides innovative, holistic care management, home care and skilled care services to more than one million chronically ill and disabled people. People with chronic conditions who receive Humana At Home services live longer and go to the hospital less often than those who don’t*.

*Humana At Home Results. Hall B et al. Presented at Society for Medical Decision Making 34th annual meeting, October 2014, Miami, FL (N= 57,041)

Humana At Home care management services help people:

  • understand their doctor’s advice

  • learn about and get their medicine

  • get to medical appointments

  • make their home a safer place to live

  • find transportation, meals and other resources when they need them

  • coordinate with their healthcare team

  • connect with financial resources that may help them pay for their medicine


People receiving Humana At Home services have spent more than 1 million additional days at home since 2013 than they would have experienced had they not received Humana At Home services.

That makes us proud because many people receiving Humana At Home services take multiple medications and have limited capabilities in completing daily activities, including bathing, dressing, walking, meal preparation, money management and shopping.



More than 1.2 million* people received Humana At Home services in 2016.

Donald Celebrates His 90th Birthday

Donald Celebrates His 90th Birthday With His Humana At Home Care Manager | Humana

*Members included in these programs may not be unique to each program since members have the ability to enroll in multiple programs.




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