2014-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) content index

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides the world’s most widely used standards on sustainability reporting and disclosure, enabling businesses, governments, civil society and citizens to make better decisions based on information that matters. Our 2014-2015 CSR Report contains standard disclosures from GRI’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The content index below outlines the GRI disclosures included in this report and, in some instances, provides additional data to complement the report content.

General Standard Disclosures
G4-1: Statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization about the relevance of sustainability to the organization and its strategy for addressing sustainability Letter from the President and CEO
Organizational profile
G4-3: Name of the organization About Humana
G4-4: Primary brands, products and/or services About Humana
G4-5: Location of organization’s headquarters About Humana
G4-6: Number of countries where the organization operates and names of countries where Humana has major operations or that are specifically relevant to the sustainability issues covered in the report The United States is the only country in which Humana operates. No other countries are specifically relevant to the sustainability issues covered in the report.
G4-7: Nature of ownership and legal form Markets we serve
G4-8: Markets served (including geographic breakdown, sectors served, and types of customers/beneficiaries) Markets we serve; page 9 of 8-2015 Form 8-K; page 12 of 2015 Form 10-K
G4-9: Scale of the organization About Humana; page 33 of 2014 Form 10-K; page 35 of 2015 Form 10-K
G4-10: Total workforce by employment type, employment contract, and region, broken down by gender and including any significant variations in employment numbers Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-11: Percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreements Fewer than one percent
G4-12: Description of organization’s supply chain Supply chain snapshot; Supplier diversity and procurement practices; Supply chain management
G4-13: Significant changes during the reporting period regarding the organization’s size, structure, ownership, or its supply chain During the first quarter of 2015, Humana realigned certain of our businesses among our reportable segments to correspond with internal management reporting changes and renamed our Employer Group segment the Group segment. We reclassified Medicare benefits offered to groups to the Retail segment, bringing all of our Medicare offerings, which are now managed collectively, together in one segment, recognizing that in some instances we market directly to individuals that are part of a group Medicare account.

We also realigned our military services business—primarily the TRICARE South Region contract that was previously included in the Other Business category—to the Group segment as we consider this contract with the government to be a group account. Additionally, the company has revised its reporting of membership with dual-eligible demonstration projects to report that membership under Medicaid rather than Medicare Advantage. Also see Exhibit 99.1 of 8-2015 Form 8-K.

On June 1, 2015, Humana announced that we completed the sale of the stock of our wholly-owned subsidiary, Concentra Inc.

On July 2, 2015, Humana entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Aetna, Inc. and certain owned subsidiaries of Aetna, Inc.
G4-14: Explanation of whether and how the precautionary approach or principle is addressed by the organization Humana has not adopted the precautionary principle.
G4-15: Externally developed economic, environmental, and social charters, principles, or other initiatives to which the organization subscribes or endorses Allies + Humana; Associates + environmental sustainability
G4-16: Memberships of associations and national or international advocacy organizations Allies + Humana
Identified material aspects & boundaries
G4-17: List of all entities included in the organization's consolidated financial statements or equivalent documents whether or not covered by the report About this report; Exhibit 21 of 2014 Form 10-K; Exhibit 21 of 2015 Form 10-K
G4-18: Process for defining the report content and the Aspect Boundaries, including how the organization has implemented the Reporting Principles for Defining Report Content About this report
G4-19: List of all the material Aspects identified in the process for defining report content CSR at Humana: our approach; Stakeholder engagement; Material CSR issues; GRI content index
G4-20: For each material Aspect, reporting of the Aspect Boundary within the organization Report scope and boundaries
G4-21: For each material Aspect, reporting of the Aspect Boundary outside the organization Report scope and boundaries
G4-22: Effect of any restatements of information provided in previous reports and their reasons There were no restatements of information provided in previous reports.
G4-23: Significant changes from previous reporting periods in the Scope and Aspect Boundaries None
Stakeholder engagement
G4-24: List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization Stakeholder engagement
G4-25: Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage Stakeholder engagement
G4-26: Organization’s approach to stakeholder engagement Stakeholder engagement
G4-27: Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, and how the organization has responded Our approach to CSR; Stakeholder engagement
Report profile
G4-28: Reporting period for information provided Letter from the President and CEO; Report scope and boundaries
G4-29: Date of most recent previous report GRI reporting principles; 2012-2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
G4-30: Reporting cycle GRI reporting principles
G4-31: Contact point for questions regarding the report or its content Inquiries
G4-32: “In accordance” option the organization has chosen and the GRI Content Index for the chosen option About this report
G4-33: Policy and current practice with regard to seeking external assurance for the report GRI reporting principles
G4-34: Governance structure of the organization and its composition, including committees responsible for decision-making on economic, environmental and social impacts Governance structure
G4-39: Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer Governance structure
Ethics and integrity
G4-56: The organization’s values, principles, standards and norms of behavior such as codes of conduct and codes of ethics Ethics and compliance


Specific Standard Disclosures: DMA and Performance Indicators

G4-DMA: Disclosures on management approach About Humana; Healthy People; Our approach to environmental sustainability; Addressing climate change; Supplier diversity & procurement practices; Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-EC1: Direct economic value generated and distributed About Humana;
Note: The financial data shared aligns with the way in which Humana reports our financial data.
G4-EC2: Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organization’s activities due to climate change Addressing climate change
G4-EC5: Ratios of standard entry level wage by gender compared to local minimum wage at key operation locations Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-EC7: Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services supported The Bold Goal; The Humana Foundation
G4-EC9: Proportion of spending on local suppliers at signification locations of operation Supplier diversity and procurement practices
Environmental DMA and Indicators
G4-DMA: Disclosures on Management Approach Healthy Planet
G4-EN3: Energy consumption within the organization Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN6: Reduction of energy consumption Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN8: Total water withdrawal by source Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN15: Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1) Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN16: Energy indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2) Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN19: Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN23: Total weight of waste by type and disposal method Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN30: Significant environmental impacts of transporting products and other goods and materials for the organization’s operations and transporting members of the workforce Environmental sustainability data
G4-EN32: Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria Supply chain management
Labor practices and decent work
G4-DMA: Disclosures on Management Approach Workforce; Associate training + development; Supply chain management
G4-LA1: Total number and rates of new employee hires and employee turnover by age group, gender and region Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-LA9: Average hours of training per year per employee, by gender and by employee category Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-LA10: Programs for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-LA12: Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees according to gender, age group, minority group membership, and other indicators of diversity Governance structure; Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-LA13: Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men, by employee category and by significant locations of operation Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-LA14: Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using labor practices criteria Supply chain management
G4-LA16: Number of grievances about labor practices filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms A formal grievance was filed in 2014. The grievance was denied by the hearing officer, and the union did not appeal the matter to arbitration. No formal grievances were filed in 2015.
Human rights
G4-DMA: Disclosures on Management Approach Workforce; Associate training + development; Supply chain management
G4-HR2: Total hours of employee training, and percentage of employees trained, on human rights policies or procedures Workforce; Associate training + development
G4-HR3: Total number of incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken During 2014 and 2015, Humana logged 128 lawsuits and EEOC charges that alleged discrimination. Over that same period, there were an additional 205 cases that were called directly into our HR Shared Solutions team.
G4-HR10: Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria Supply chain management
G4-DMA: Disclosures on Management Approach Healthy People; Workforce; Associate training + development; Ethics and compliance
G4-SO1: Operations with implemented local engagement, impact assessments and development programs The Bold Goal
G4-SO4: Communication and training on anti-corruption policies and procedures All of Humana’s Board of Directors, associates and governance body members have received communication about and training on our anti-corruption policies and procedures. All of Humana’s healthcare providers and business partners have received communication about training on our anti-corruption policies and procedures.
G4-SO6: Total value of political contributions by country and recipient/beneficiary Partnering with legislators
G4-SO7: Legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes None
G4-SO8: Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations In 2014 and 2015, Humana did not receive any significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations.
Product responsibility
G4-DMA: Disclosures on Management Approach Member feedback; Ethics and compliance
G4-PR1: Percentage of significant product and service categories for which health and safety impacts are assessed for improvement Member feedback
G4-PR5: Practices related to customer satisfaction, including results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction Member feedback
G4-PR8: Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data Ethics and Compliance
G4-PR9: Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services In 2014 and 2015, Humana did not receive any significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations concerning the provision and use of products and services.