2014-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Letter from the CEO

When we focus on making people healthier, Humana’s business thrives. As a wellness company, Humana’s goal is to improve the health and well-being of people in the communities we serve.

Bruce D. Broussard Humana’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts — in which we strive to make our associates, members and communities healthier and to run our company in an environmentally sustainable and ethical way — are particularly important to us. Our CSR endeavors help us become a healthier company now and will help us thrive together for years to come.

I’m excited to share with you our fourth CSR report that highlights our 2014 and 2015 CSR efforts. We have high expectations for ourselves, and our many stakeholders do, too. With this report, we aim to tell our stakeholders about our sustainability strategies, performance and goals.

This report shares what Humana is doing to promote good health, ethical standards, and environmental sustainability across the country. Also within it are stories of the many people who are doing their own good work while working alongside us — the associates who volunteer their free time in their communities, the members who make use of new programs and services to get healthier, the suppliers who pledge to take care of the environment, and more. This report illustrates how far all of them, and we as a company, have come in our CSR efforts.

Over the past two years, we continued to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability while looking for new opportunities to make an impact.

In 2015, Humana announced our Bold Goal: to make the communities we serve 20 percent healthier by the year 2020 because we make it easy for people to achieve their best health. This community-centric goal demonstrates a hallmark of our CSR strategy, which is to identify and address the needs of communities where we can make a positive difference. We started in San Antonio, and with the help of local partners, we have already made measurable progress there. With these successes in mind, we began to expand the work we’re doing in San Antonio, and will continue to do so in the next few years. In 2015, we took this concept to six other communities: Louisville, Ky.; Knoxville, Tenn.; New Orleans; Baton Rouge, La.; Tampa, Fla.; and Broward County, Fla. We are encouraged by our Bold Goal and our progress thus far.

Environmental sustainability is another area where we have sought to focus our efforts to achieve bigger, positive impacts. We took a close look at our environmental sustainability efforts last year and learned that our stakeholders want to see more from us in the areas of healthcare waste management and the reduction of our associates’ commutes.

From our headquarters in Louisville to our offices in cities around the country, we’re laying the groundwork for good work nationwide. We are partnering with individuals, communities and community groups, as well as clinicians, vendors, regulators, and not-for-profit organizations, to empower them to make real change on their own.

In reading this report, you’ll see the progress we’ve made on CSR and the direction in which we’re headed. We welcome your feedback on how we’re doing in setting and meeting CSR goals and how we can help make people and their communities healthier.

Bruce D. Broussard

President and Chief Executive Officer
Humana Inc.