2014-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Associate training + development

An inclusive and diverse community

At Humana, we want to help our associates grow personally and professionally. That’s why we offer a host of learning opportunities. Professional development offerings include:


Engaging with Humana is a tool that provides useful information to all associates about Humana (organization, history and values), new associate must-do’s, and Humana benefits and services. Executives receive personalized support and services to accelerate connections to people and processes and enrich their understanding of our business model and how we deliver our value proposition to consumers in the marketplace.

The Learning Center

As Humana’s primary location for all internal training and development opportunities, The Learning Center gives associates the opportunity to search for online or instructor-led training and register for various professional development courses that cover a range of topics from developing competencies to learning about Humana’s values and business strategy. The catalog of 70+ courses includes function-specific courses to help associates better carry out their roles.

Harvard Manage Mentor

This online performance-support resource delivers accessible, action-oriented information on key management and leadership topics. It is regularly updated and offers practical advice, tips and tools on subjects such as business essentials, communication skills, personal development, working with teams and working with individuals.

Development planning

This resource allows associates to create and manage development activities that align their growth and development with the accomplishment of their performance goals and career aspirations.

Business acumen

This tool builds financial and business literacy among associates, teaching them how Humana makes money and how to make decisions that positively impact key company measures.


This resource offers online courses and books on desktop tools such as Windows, Word, Excel and Access. SkillSoft also offers support on business skills (online courses on topics such as professional effectiveness) and IT skills (courses, books, certification test preparation and mentoring for all IT associates).

Knowledge Exchange

This online, social learning community provides mentoring opportunities for individuals to give and receive their expertise while thriving together for personal and professional development. Each learning event is known as an “engagement.” The range of topics and engagements is as wide as the participants wish to make it. The advisors participate on a voluntary basis and share best practices for subjects ranging from Six Sigma to balanced scorecard.

SharePoint learning sites

Across the enterprise, teams and individuals have leveraged the power of this collaboration tool to build content-rich sites around topics, tools, and processes. A single site can combine documents, wikis, graphics, videos, podcasts, and even online games and forums to allow associates to self-serve their learning and information needs.

Network Resource Group - leadership development

This program expands the leadership skills of Humana’s NRG leaders by providing opportunities for hands-on leadership experience, networking with Humana executives and leaders, and work on projects that the leaders are passionate about.

HELLO program

HELLO (Humana Leadership Orientation) is a virtual cohort program that equips new Humana leaders (newly hired or newly promoted) with foundational knowledge about leadership at Humana. The program combines structured coursework, development forums (virtual learning sessions), and application discussions (reflections using social media to provide an engaging virtual learning environment for leaders). It focuses on the role of leaders at Humana with respect to talent practices, culture and employment law. This program is mandatory for all new Humana leaders with direct reports.

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials provides a blended learning experience for leaders to develop the fundamentals of leadership, with a focus on Interpersonal Effectiveness, Leads Positively, Business Acumen and Talent Development.

Employment Law for Leaders

This vendor-led, learning experience for mid-level leaders addresses the essential employment law content that enables leaders to do the right things, the right way, and for the right reasons.

Healthcare Leaders 2020 (Executive Intensive)

This is a cohort experience for executives that focuses on the enterprise leadership needed to create Humana’s future. It includes executive assessment and coaching.

Healthcare Leaders 2020 (Presence)

This resource provides leaders with a reflective focus on personal value creation and the versatility needed to influence others positively. It includes executive assessment and coaching.

Healthcare Leaders 2020 (Rapid Exchanges)

This resource provides leaders with an exploration of strategic knowledge areas in three topics: Consumer Insight, Population Health, and Digital Connectivity.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching at Humana is focused on inquiry, neuroscience, and self-reflection. Coaching goals are aligned to business impact and performance.

Humana leaders assessment

Leaders can take advantage of our portfolio of assessment offerings, which include customer multi-rater feedback on Humana's values, personality inventory, and critical thinking/decision-making.

Executive site experiences

Executives can take advantage of up-close opportunities to deepen their consumer and business insights through visits that highlight our capabilities and how they contribute to our enterprise goal and strategy.

Women in Leadership

This resource supports making Humana the best place for women's well-being through development that leverages talent tools and business partners to improve associates well-being 20 percent by 2017.

DAP - Development Acceleration Program

This program cultivates diverse professionals through senior leader and thought leadership exposure while using cross-functional teams to solve business-unit-sponsored problems.

Change leadership

This resource prepares leaders to recognize how change is affecting them and how they can adapt to change by utilizing a set of strategies, skills and tools to manage and accelerate the change process.

Associate training hours

Associate Training Humana

Associate training on ethics and compliance

Associate training in ethics and compliance is mandatory for everyone each year. All of our associates learn key requirements and expectations based on seven training modules*:

  • I Am the Key to Integrity
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Information Protection
  • Privacy
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Workplace Conduct & Employment Practices
  • Marketing Practices, Government Business and Other Guidance

*Human rights policies and procedures are not explicitly included in this training.

Transition support

At Humana, we recognize that we are only as successful as our associates are. We encourage their well-being and aim to support them through transitions in life.

When associates are impacted by a Reduction in Force (RIF), Humana offers outplacement services based on each associate’s level of management. Outplacement services, which are offered by a third party, can include:

  • An in-depth overview of the transition process and practical strategies for conducting a successful job search campaign
  • Assistance in the identification of strengths, the development a job objective, and the creation of a comprehensive and targeted résumé
  • Access to networking and hiring events
  • Enhancement of interview skills

In some instances, redeployment, a service that helps guide associates who have been impacted by a RIF through their internal job search, is made available. Redeployment includes:

  • Dedicated resources to provide assistance through the transition timeframe.
  • Resume review and consultation
  • Information regarding specific role postings
  • Updates and statuses on roles for which the associate applied
  • Interview guidance and feedback

Retirement recognition

healthy performance assoctraining retirement imagehealthy performance assoctraining retirement imageHumana values the long-term commitment of our associates. For associates who retire from the company, our desire is to support their transition to the next phase of their lives.

If an associate meets the Humana-specified service definition of age plus years of service when he/she leaves Humana, the retirement benefits include:

  • Award to commemorate service with Humana
  • An event commensurate with years of service will be held to celebrate their tenure
  • The ability for the associate and his/her family members to continue taking advantage of employee assistance programs and work-life benefits for two years beyond the associate’s retirement date